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While the Gods Laugh - lyrics

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While the gods laugh I shall stand alone
Dreaming dark dreams in darkness and cold
Maelstrom of passions in that hidden sea
Whose waters of all-time lap the coasts of me
Hail the ancient kings of Melnibone!
Thy towers shall crumble down forevermore
Awake the kings of ruins, the great Dragonlords
Thy towers shall lay in ruins and the broken swords
Hail the ancient kings of Tanelorn!
Thy towers shall crumble down forevermore
In darkness let me dwell, the ground shall sorrow be;
The roof despair to bar all cheerful light from me:
The walls of marble black that moistened still shall weep;
My music hellish jarring sounds to banish friendly sleep.
Silver, dark towers rise towards the sky
Where the white dragons soar high
Seas and oceans between the worlds dwell
Great white ships there in silence sail
Forever and ever...

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