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Emanations Before the Pythia - lyrics

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I dream of a cursed adyton
Where the springs once sang
Their songs resounding
In haunted timber and joyful birds
Their voice is now silent
Quelled by the ages
And now there is a stillness
An air so familiar
A palpable curse
In the boughs of the timber
Watching shadows dance
Over the pools mirror
There the light is cast
And her face becomes clearer
In the depths of the water
A dulcet voice beckons
Deep in the Earth
Are the colours of the heavens
We once left our bodies upon a mountain
With calloused hands and blisters
Emerging through the alpine torrents
Falling into dusk as sisters
You were like those vespertine flowers
And I only knew you in their hours
When we bask in this dream
Our wills fall silent beneath the wells of this world
Absence and scars are all we know
Lone keening cries of the fauna
Carry through the woods as a curse
Crestfallen birds descend here
And are the first to answer their call
How is the air still yielding while these fires glow?
We stare towards our descent below
Into the traces of eternity waiting

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