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When I’ll return, from living in the sea
Cruising in fear and counting my short time
Away and cruel is this island
That shores are far from desire
Redemption is not so far from home
As you’re fighting you can be alone
Nomore, nomore, you can’t live
Is this fear wasting all my lonely
Loving, someday a reckoning glimpse
Till the end of life I’ll be so wild
I fall crying, I’m the cruel, I’m the
Feel of the rising breeze, through fire
Maybe one day we’ll pray, a constant, that
Won, my fear of this growing desire
Maybe life wasn’t true, who’s
Your god, is it true?
All the mourning of mankind untold
Now you hear my freedom call
Now you feel my needs untold
I’ll return, never feeling back those hearts
All that you’re losing is a cry in the night
Awake, away, but I don’t cry
This ghosts are so alive
I will hurt them, without control
Their way will be outside
To leave my curse in cries
I’m the one to beware
In the night the walls are cold
An the white, snow will fall
Tell me, if I’m right or wrong
Now you hear my freedom call
Now you feel my needs untold
Will you follow the sound holding your desires
Crawling in the land of sadness, I
Will, I will live you by the sea
Because I’m afraid
All that wasn’t true, had to grow,
Through the times, through the days
Now the dawn comes here to take away your soul
As the time goes by clearly
You’ll see the truth
Now walk on through the kingdom of light
You only need to show your
Desires, they’ll come true
As night keeps on breathing you
Will, you’ll follow the stars

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