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So you came here cause you wanna be a star
Rolling into town in a daddy's old car
Cruising down the street like a rolling stone
Pretty little boy far away from home
Diamonds on the beach showed a girl that won't get old
Girl I'll rub your feet cause your body made of gold
Acting like you're cool and you're trying to please
It's hard to be cool when you're on your knees

[:Hey mister, hey mister, what a day, mister
I am addicted to you
Hey mister, hey mister, what do you say, mister
Can't get enough of you
After showing me yours I'll show you mine
Always in a mood for a pantomime:]

Tommorow you'll be gone and someone new will take your place
Another country boy with a smooth and pretty face
A sunburnt body all just dropped in jeans
Ready to prey, collecting broken dreams

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