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Christmas Is Only Good If You're Not An Anima.. - lyrics

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I got dolls with silk and sashes then I tore
Out their eyelashes
Mom would wonder if I was evil when I'd
Covet my brother's Kenievel
Christmas time is filled with joy but only if
You're a little boy
I got a rocket and a fire truck how I always
Cursed my luck
I never wanted trains or trollies all I wanted
Were paper dolls
Christmas time around the world is only good
If you're a little girl
We never get what we wanted cause what
We really want is each others presents
This may seem bad or just plain silly but we
Could change the tags from Sally to Billy and
From Billy to Sally
I think we know now how we can be happy
We found a way to fool Mommy and Daddy
In a few years we many run into messes when
You start wanting to wear my dresses

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