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Pumpkin Spice Dummy - lyrics

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Sipping my pumpkin spice with pumpkin pie
All the flavours warm and nice
Caramel Cheesecake stuffed Peanut Dynamite,
I’m marching down this crooked street,
searching for you once again
All the cavities over my body
Will you fill them in for me, please?
All you want is for me to let you rest in peace
Isn't that easy?
I’ve tried to be more like you,
maybe you should do something too
Given up all my greed and desires,
not that you would care
My apologies are no trick or treat,
and I bet you know it’s true
When are we gonna stop this game and move on?
If I am a dummy,
what does that make you?
Tell me please
I just don't know what to do
Rest In Peace.
How many pieces of lies are you going to bake?
Spitting maggots,
not so lovely are you, I'm afraid?
How many cakes,
how many cherries of mine are you going to take?
With this moldy skin,
dislocated legs,
and no sympathy thrown my way
All you want is for me to lose my sanity
It is quite easy
I know you want me gone,
but heaven nor hell would let me through
Sorry for wasting your oxygen
I will try again
Cut me up with your scissors,
and my intestines go loose
When are we gonna start another game once more?
If I’m still a monster,
then so are you too
A monster who humiliates me for food.
Lattatulee paleela,
tuleepalle looleellappapa
Lattupulle toleella,
tuleepalle looleellappapala
All you want is for me to return your sanity
That’s so easy
We've stabbed each other enough already
The pain cannot undo
It takes only one of us to quit
But neither of us wants to lose
You're doing this for my own good,
though your love, it leaves me bruised
If you really cannot forgive me,
then I'll fight too
Can't you see?
I’m bleeding a maple syrup pool
Candy, marshmallow, toffee, crème brûlée
keeps me awake
Sweet darling, my little dummy
Do you have to be such a fool?
Half eaten berry lollipop pierces through your skull
Maybe I’m really a monster, just like you
Craving for your bittersweet pumpkin dummy juice
Maybe I'm responsible for things that I do,
but come on
For a dummy, that can't be true

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