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A busy young salesman
Goes from door to door,
Selling magic umbrellas!
See such wondrous sights!
But no one believed him,
Not a single word he said.
He knocked on all the doors,
But no one answered him.
This left the man depressed.
For no one bought an umbrella from him.
Then, one day it rained.
So, the man used his umbrella,
But, oh, it had some holes
And rain water poured over him.
This left the man in the cold.
He's all alone in the world
And people doubt his umbrellas.
They doubt it's magic!
No one wants his umbrellas.
Theres no such thing as...
So, The man found his way to the top...
Of a forty foot building...
As he gazed upon the city,
The people look to him...
He's determined to show them all.
He will prove his umbrellas are magic.
With a firm resolve,
And a strong, clear voice.
He shouted out his...
Sales pitch:
Float up to the sky above you!
It's a real birds eye view!
See comets and shooting stars!
Come and lay on the silver clouds!
Come with me!
Let us bask in the great sun!
Radiant light that warms our souls!
Take my hands, we shall reach the heavens!
Let us walk the ethereal
Everything stood still.
The city was silent
Did the umbrella work?
Everyone was lost for words,
But the salesman did in fact...
Touch the ground and felt the sky.
Then, the people took each an umbrella
And left the money on the

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