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Constriction - lyrics


I mourn its last embrace
The dark before the fall
In keeping with its pace
In following its call

Go on – journey into
Burns and scars you
Once all beneath it preys
Stings to this day

My mind left aloft, going under
Faceless, thinking it was true
Fabric made to break torn asunder
Never had no one but you
It was left afloat to plunder

I always thought that it would come to this
Your image, darker over the years
Transcending aches amass, constricting me
A burden larger than I can bear
Now, as it ends it does not ease the pain
It lingers, aiding the flow of the tears

Blurred, the winds keep blowing
Slowly moving
Parting clouds are drifting
Gently leaving

Glimmer of the sun’s rays
Filtered through leaves
Rustle of the soft grass
Whispers to me

It seems like it is never ending
All sounds fade
Slowly being blinded

End all my dreams
Drowning as I pause here
I have no care
Solitude, my comfort

Let it all go, release the pain
It can not hold you
Let it all go, cling to the void
Enter the dark

It creeps in, you know it
Persuading you to go
The senses slowing as it begins to flow
It needs no more, it begs no mercy
It feeds, it shelters – my endless sorrow

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