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Crazy Man - lyrics


I'm a blood an' bone heya heya primitive caveman
I can talk to the trees but I don't speak Human
Got a heart full of Earth and a head full of Sky
I got Spirit Drum Wolf Claw Raven's Eye

Crazy Man
I'm a Crazy Man
Crazy Man
Heyoka I'm a Crazy Man

Howling at the moon
Float on the breeze
What I respect you just can't see
I know, I know nothing
To be is to be
Shaman or Madman, it's all Heyokay with me

I'm walking backwards
And I'm talking coyote
I'm gonna scream so loud
I can't her all the monkeys
Now society is so fucking free of me
I've got a Chaos Hand
And it's pointing right at you

I know, I know one thing
To play is to be
Shaman or Madman
It's all Heyokay with me

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