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Harp of Death - lyrics


Once upon a time...

There lived a lady on the North Sea shore
Lay the bent to the bonnie broom
She had two daughters that she adored
Fa la la la la la la la la la

The youngest daughter born to sweet delight
The eldest daughter born to greed and spite

A knight came for the fairest in the land
He was promised the young girl's hand

Grimmest envy in the elder grew
She planned to steal her sister's lover true

"Oh darling sister won't you come with me?"
"To watch the swans swimming in the sea"

On the rocks where the mermaids sing
The elder sister pushed the younger in

"Oh cruel sister please let me live"
"And all that's mine to you I'll give"

"I'll take your true love and I'll take more"
"For I will never let you come ashore"

The fair girl drowned beneath the North Sea foam
Her broken body washed up on the stones

Three wytches found her in the dead of night
And wove a spell to put her soul to right

They made a harp out of her skin and bone
The tuning pegs made from her finger bones

They took nine locks of her golden hair
And with them strung that Harp so rare

They took the harp to her mother's hall
And set it down to play before them all

The Harp of Death began to play alone
The sweetest song to melt a heart of stone

Golden Strings rang out a truthful sound
The elder sister has the younger drowned

Strings of sorrow made of golden curls
Wreak their vengeance on the black-haired girl

The song it ends here dark and low
And surely the blood will flow

Lyrics was added by Olwen

Video was added by Olwen