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The Halls of Amenti: Part 2 "The Halls" - lyrics

There he may dwell free from the bonds.
Seated within sit seven lords.
Awaken the flame.
That burns ever inward.
Flame forth and
Banish the veil of the night.
Guiding him through infinite wisdom.
The pathway through death into life.
Then spoke a voice
Mighty and solemn:
"These are lights that are spirits of men.
Growing and fading, changing yet living."
Deep in earth's heart lie the Halls of Amenti.
Far 'neath the islands of sunken Atlantis.
Halls of the dead and Halls of the living
Bathed in the fire of the infinite all.
Only by freedom
From bondage
Could man rise
From the earth to the sun.
Far in a past time thats lost in the space-time.
The children of light looked down on the world.

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