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A-Z of Neymar - lyrics

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The A-Z of Neymar Junior,
the most expensive player ever
Thanks to the dive bonus you put in all of your contracts
A is actor
When I get attacked by tractors!
B is Barcelona
Can he please come home? Ja!
C - Cavani
Bagsee - it's my penalty!
Caitlyn Jenner look-alike! Meanie!
D is diver
He means Daddy!
Neymar Snr!
E - El Clasico
Big wins!
Like this, 4-0
F is Fall of Duty
Hey! Who the fuck did this to me?!
The Caitlyn Jenner look-alike!
Lies! Meanie!
G is Germany
When we scored ger-many!
H is hair
OMG! And he dares to troll me?
I is injuries
Take my birthday off! Please?
J is January
When I can leave captivity!
K is Kylian
If he'd only been Brazilian
L is Leo
Second best guy in this trio
M is Mexican
This cunt who tried kill me!
Send him off! Please, referee?!
N is Ninja
Oh my flipping G, so cringe, ha!
O - olympic gold
Oscar for this ace roll/role
P is PSG
A total, utter shithole!
Q - Qatari payroll
R is Raf, my sis
Whose birthday you'll never miss!
S is smashing Mommy
When is it my turn, honey?
T is tears and taxes
and a totally broken back... sis?
U is for UEFA
and "Go fuck urselves, disgrace!"
V is VAR
Great wingspan!
W is Wonder Woman?
Triple X the movie
Give me all your money!
Y is Y do I always get fouled?
Z is Zidane
Buy me now!
Hey, why not Valverde?
Coz he'll be sacked by January!
Haha, he has a point!

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