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Gladiator - lyrics


Minutes to freedom or minutes to death,
Freezing the beat of your heart
Facing the choices that you can not make,
Waiting for ending to start

Hide your pain
Play the game
Only the strong
Will survive!

Beast of the wilderness facing his fate
Madness in his angry eyes
Earning the Emperor's favor at last
Hoping for vengeance you rise

Sweat and blood
Dust and mud
Life is a game
With no shame

Hear them yell -
What a hell!
Every spectator
Loves gladiator!

Feeling no pain, no fear, no regret,
Playing with fire of death
You will not stop till you get your revenge
Fighting until the last breath

Hear them yell
In this hell
You are the king
Of the ring!

In your eyes
Through disguise
Emperor's hater -

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