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Beyond Eternity 2 - The Slaughter - lyrics

Visions of glory lie ahead
In my ears rings the king’s old voice
In exchange for eternity
Your blood you have to sacrifice
So many knights will fight for gold
But I will fight just to be free
Life is the mightiest God’s gift
And living is courage’s deed
The battle raging on all sides
The butchered men in dying screams
The blood is painting my calves red
Who can find God in all of this?
My cries now wet my bloody face
As I walk forth and cleave brave men
Man killing man for power and gold
I look around with blackened soul
Over and over memories fly
Like fervidly rainbows they colour my mind
They bring me to my knighting day
When I was given spurs and name
But there I find a dangerous oath
That I spoke up so long ago
It spoke of servitude to a man
The man who now led us to war
To hold my oath I cannot skip
But why do men swear vulgar oaths
That keep them from correct results
When their life they try to decide
From birth I swore to serve a King
How can I serve a second one
He granted me a life to live
And everyone has the same right
Keep your blood in you
Stay alive will you
Fight with death if you
Have guts left you will
The arrow fire still decimates
But finally we win the day
The ironclad buffoons now smile
They fight to fight, not when it’s right
I boldly step to meet the king
I tell him that my duty’s done
My country now has been secured
But further on it is his war
Possession is the cause of war
Defence and war two different things
How could I mix them in the start?
The one protects, the other kills
I ride up to a lonely hill
I see the battlefield dyed red
Horizons open wide ahead
I’m not there now – I’m somewhere else!

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