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Darkness Comes - lyrics

Here He comes, covered in black
A black light candle in his hand
He comes to claim your treasured soul
It's too late for you to repent
His sickle shines above your head
You'll cross a path from light to dark
Your end is nigh and darkness comes
So leave all of your hopes behind
You are so weak with no will full of fear
you have wasted your life so live no longer
Your time has come no return from the dark
diving into the pits of blood and fire
Judgement is near as you're falling from grace
see the end coming close you will burn in hellfire
Demons await they will feast on your soul
that belongs to the one who will show no mercy
From a sea of pain, from a sea of hate,
see my life rising through the darkness
'I will stand alone, I'll reclaim my soul,
I will fight, I will win my life back
His name is Death, The Reaper Lord
The prince of darkness scenes him out
He rides his steed across the sky
He comes to read you your last rites
Your fate is sealed what will it be
End up in Heaven or in hell
But rest assured him if you see
Your place in hell is well reserved

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