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That was just a peaceful morning,
after the cold winter night,
When I layed upon a dead tree,
On the bank where we used to be
There was a planty of snow around me,
An empty bottle in my hand,
The cold wind just was whistling,
On the place I tried to stand
Then I saw the blue sky over,
When the fog begun to fade,
And the blue coloured river,
That covered my fuckin\' shade
I remember why I\'m here,
When I heard your gently call,
I saw the face in front of me,
With the bluest eyes of all
When I tried to reach your hand,
I realised you\'re just a dream,
I kissed the lips of ghostly girl,
That stood in front of me
I felt love after all this years,
In the silence of dead old tree,
There was cold, but in heart was warm,
When you stood next to me
I said goodbye to river,
When I heard your gently call,
Someday I know I\'ll find again,
My bluest eyes of all.

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