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The Sparrow Song - lyrics

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On The Day When You Were Born Without A Strength To Fly
On That Very Easy Morn' You Were Left In Mud To Die
The Heavy Rain Was Fallin' You Lifted Up Your Head
Your Feathers Were Too Heavy To Drive The Fastest Lap
You Wanted To Be Heard Your Whistle Filled The Whole Wide World
The Raindrops Started To Carry Pure New And Happy Sound
You Were Brave But So Weak That You Could Hardly Speak
Then Your Mind Started Hardly Spinning 'round An' 'round
You Woke Up In The Cage I Know That Was The Rage
To Find Yourself In Prison An' Your Soul Started To Cry
So You Raised Your Sadly Look The Last View You Took
Above The Bluest Skies Upon The Heaven Where You've Been Gone
Now You're Lookin' From Above Your Wings Surround Me All Around
Your Smile Now Is So Happy And You Don't Feel The Pain
There's No Dikes And There's No Fences To Keep You Here Enslaved
The Stream Of Life Is Ready To Lift You Up Once Again
When Your Heart Beats Like A Drum
In A Minute Five Hundred Times
When You Got The Whole World In Your Eye
And When You Want To Meet The Sun
But The Bars Were Strong Enough
There's No Any Blame For That What Is Done

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