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Black Hole Generator - lyrics

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Like convulsing fish unaware
Of the murk in which they swim,
The black hole generator
We're all forced to live within.
Self awareness imbued biochemical machinery
Searching for our place at the gates of infinity.
You look to etchings based on fear
(Who am I? Why am I here?)
And think you've found the answer.
You presume to know the mind of God
And grant him greater power.
Each rational gaze through the lens of inquiry
Will widen our view through the cracks of reality.
Consider now, as we all must,
The possibility
That the glorification of a myth
Is what your life has come to be.
You look to etchings based on fear.
(Who am I? Why am I here?)
Religious moral guidance
With its crude bronze-age inception
Steers mankind to shallow depths
And in the wrong direction.
We are not the lonely product
Of a maniac creator.
We are all living as a result of
The black hole generator.

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Glorification of a Myth