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Crystal Prison - lyrics

Verse 1:
How do you feeling tonight

Inside my crystal prison?

There’s no better place to be found

There’s no any reason.

Verse 2:

It’s a rite of passage tonight

You are queen of the my kingdom

Do you really feeling alright

When you lost your velvet freedom?


Now you’re ready to die

Your spirit will fly

Fly straight to the Heaven.

And I’ll fly beside you

My dream will come true,

I’ll fly as a raven.

Verse 3:
So do you ready to fly

Outside my crystal prison?

I just wanna tell you goodbye

But I know there is no reason.


Clock is ticking on

From a moment you were born.

Chorus – 3 times.

(Bogdan Vasyliev)

Lyrics was added by MAHA4444


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