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Dance On The Grave - lyrics

Verse 1:
Black night

Cloudy and scary,


Through cemetery.

I saw

Something spiritual,

Infernal demonic ritual.

Aaaah… demonic ritual!

Chorus 1:

Dance on the grave,

No chance to pray,

For soul to save.

Jump into your coffin!

Let’s play the same

Pre-mortal game

Just like insane.

Screaming, yelling, rolling!

Dance on the grave,

You’re Satan’s slave

Don’t be so brave!

Run away from here

So cruel fate

Soon will be late!

For heaven’s gate

You will disappear!

Bridge 1:
Down on my knees pray to survive

Oh, God, don’t take away my life

Verse 2:

This dance

Is how we live on,

Great fall

Into oblivion.

Night sins

Morning confessions

Unholy human relations.

Come on!

Step on your own grave!

Let’s dance

Losing the true faith!

Your mind’s

Swallowed by Serpent,

You are the Lucifer’s servant!

Bridge 2:

Never turning back

And no way to survive

Dancing on the grave

At the edge of your life

Chorus 2.

Lyrics was added by MAHA4444


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