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Justice For Sale - lyrics

Today is judgment day
A day for travesty of justice
Corruption and decay
In rotting minds of greedy judges
Put on your gown, hold your hammer in hand
Performance has begun
And audience awaits the show
Justice for sale —
It’s an epic fail
Unguilty goes to jail.
Justice for sale —
With a judgment bell
The judge will go to hell.
No matter who you are –
You’re guilty!
No matter what’s the price –
You’re guilty!
No matter where’s the proof –
You’re guilty!
Nothing depends on you —
You’re guilty!
Your verdict has been sold
A curtain falls and show is over
The last words has been told
As judge’s eyes began to lower
Take off your gown, throw your hammer away
Your punishment is death
There’s no escape and no redemption
Bridge, Chorus.
(Bogdan Vasyliev)

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