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Here We Go... - lyrics


Here we go - another attempt to rise up
still biting and inciting, but showing no compromise now
Once again this movement's bound for glory
united we're made it, reporting back with fury

Some years now we're come to count
and we're here to stay, we're still around
(... and there's no end in sight, no...)

Hate us or don't we'll carry on, so get it
We know these times need songs about reality
Gutterman - get your fist up proud
Gutterman - join in, sing it loud
Gutterman it's time to rise again

Different times require other measures
Strain doubles it's old troubles as well as the new pressures
Honesty pays, even if you don't make friends only
Streetlevel rock rebel - what counts is straight out music

The nineties couldn't stop our raid
we're best before the next decade
(...another round is calling...)

Straight-out real punk is what we want, so share it
We know we gotta finish what we're started
Gutterman stand up it's time to rise again

Něco Vám tu chybí nebo se Vám něco nezdá?
Dejte nám o tom vědět!


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