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Hit The Road (Again) - lyrics


Daily other places and we're still going on
Plenty of new faces cos the nights are long
Tearing down the highway, full speed ahead
miles uncounted, the van? become our bed
...I really missed all that

All bottles empty so we gotta stop
hey what a country we're not sold a drop
heading for the venue for another kill
out and up now because we're on the bill
...and play we will

Chaos across the nation - we HIT THE ROAD again
Chaos and fun and booze for free that's how life's to be
Chaos across the nation let's go to HIT THE ROAD again
(...up the next decade)

Living like a rover, troubles where we get
getting pulled over - oh, how we're used to that
One room at a motel for the six of us
the rest too short cos our next show's away some hours
...and we stuck in bars

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