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Legion ’82 - lyrics


Listen, here's some further noise
Yes, mohican tunes - sharp as razors
We ain't gonna rest until we bite the dust

The crew from '82, they mourn the good old days
Once you've been one of them, or so at least you say

But now you've grown older and got your normal lifes

What's left of your ideals, rebllion and spikes?

Dying out legion - Legion '82

It's all been better when you used to be around

You say it was genuine, but it ain't no fashion now

It's still the same about cos nothing really changed

Someone has to keep it going or it was a waste of time

It's just your former self that you don't recognize

You tell me I'm out of place and time two odd decades

Well I don't care about what all those people say

It doesn't matter cos what counts is today

Join our legion - we're the legion me and you

Join our legion - Legion of the nineties' youth

Lyrics was added by sisinka010

Video was added by DevilDan