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Miracle - lyrics

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looking just to lay my head
upon the bed
everything is out of control
doesn't anyone know?
reality is scaring me
it's hard to breathe
and sometimes in the dead of the night
I just break down and cry
all all we want is a miracle
to walk right through the door
all all we ever wanted is a miracle
a miracle
craving for a way to escape
ordinary days
terrified to walk out the door
will I regret what's instore?
well can't you see you're telling
everyone you're doing fine
and some, somehow we stopped believing
now all we do is run and hide
chorus again
maybe someday things will start to change
and maybe somehow we will break the chain
one by one gotta pick up the pieces
everyone's trying not to fall apart
all we're going through
all we're gonna lose
I'm keeping my faith
God, it's all I can do
hoping everything doesnt come undone
praying just to carry--carry on

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