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Tip Toe - lyrics

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I've been spending too much time
Defending and denying
All my doubts and my suspicion
It's my gentle disposition
But this person that I met
That I like so much I said
Won't you come into my life
Now he's showing a different side
I can't seem to wake up, wise up and walk away
But I can't stay and watch him fade
I want to tip toe through your mind
Dance with the stranger locked behind those eyes
I'm gonna slip right under your clothes
I want you to drive me to the edge of your soul
Cause I can't feel, I can't love, I can't hold
Someone I don't know
There's still a moment in your smile
That if you hold for just a while
Is like a window to the past
To a day I thought we'd last
But every night your empty gaze
Drags you further down the maze
And I won't follow I won't fight
When it's so easy to just hide
I can't seem to wake up, wise up, and walk away
But I can't wait and watch him break
I can't feel ya, I can't love ya, I can't hold you
I can't feel you, I can't love you, I can't hold you

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