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You think the sun will always rise and set on you
And that stars still shine from your eyes
Just you take a good long look in the mirror
But then you won't believe the reflection doesn't lie.
Your life has been just one long love affair
But the love you shared certainly wasn't mine
You always were your own centre of attraction
But even you can't stop the sands of time.
So think yourself real lucky that you've got me
and know in your heart you got the best of the deal
I may not be the greatest thing that ever lived
But what you see of me is mine for real.
So don't look down on those who care
Or break the ties that bind
And see the world as what it really is
Not just what's in your mind
I've never really understood
What goes on inside your head
But make the most of what you have
As you'll be a long time dead

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