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Dawning of the Nemesis - lyrics

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There's a meaning to the signs
The signs throughout the times
We read them but deny
The tokens
Flight of endless times
The end of peace describes its fall
Too late, to mystify
Tell me why
The flash of tyrant's clash
I sense the warning of the worlds
Turn page back we
Never tried
To defend
Constellations failed
We aim to unite against the light
To dream and fall asleep
We can't deny the signs
I can't deny the light
Islands crash I bowed to them
I fell down to my knees
We're not alone
They came from the sky
Crowned with plague
We all shall gaze
To hail the newborn pace
A master plan unveiled at last
They watched through endless space
We're mortal gods designed to die
Accord the lines they draw
Shortest straw
Sister of the light
Thou sorrow grant us sleep
A night breeze told us still to awake
A quest for fight at hand
The realms of death lies in our hands
So rise, against the force
The power that we hold

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