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Dryad Of The Woods - lyrics

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"Then came a girl
A dryad of the woods
with a sing over her door saying
"If you enter
You must forgive me everything!"
With a heart too big and brave
To let me dissapear
And still I hear
"May I sleep at your feet?"
And so she went over my fence
And reached out a hand
That I had to take
That I just had to take
never let me
lose that love
never let me
lose that love
never let me
lose that love
Sometimes, forgiving will
just take you one step too far
and you find yourself on Remedy Lane
Sometimes forgiving is too much
like self abuse
Sometimes forgiving leaves
too much sear tissue behind
Even if I could one day learn
to forgive you everything
Could I learn to forgive myself?
I simply
the full
notion of
the world

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