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5)TOP Best New Electro House Tracks Mix - lyrics


00:00 K12 & The Noisy Freaks - Snowflakes (Original Mix) [ODN Records]

03:30 Midnight Conspiracy - Discord (Original Mix) [Killpop Records]

06:20 Ryan Enzed - Skyscraper (PrototypeRaptor Remix) [Royal Fetish Recordings]

08:55 Fake Plastic Trees - Syntetic Overdrive [SHAX TRAX]

11:10 Vecho - Fired Up [SHAX TRAX]

13:15 Malcolm Funktion - Drop The Bass [SHAX TRAX]

14:45 Acid Caramel vs. Riccardo Mazzi - Fuck you Bitch (Acid Caramel Extended Mix) [Free]

18:25 Akitar - Ultimate (Pantha Remix) [THaF Records]

20:45 Basilicata - Like A Boss (Original Mix) [Free]

23:40 BioBlitZ - Spawn Again (Original Mix) [ODN Records]

28:50 Cold Blank - 2012 (Shm3ki3 Remix) [Free]

31:00 DJ Kronic feat. Bombs Away - Looking For Some Girls (Bombs Away Mix) [Central Station Records]

33:30 Eartrash - The Blueprint [To Be Released Soon]

35:45 Feed Me - Grand Theft Ecstasy (Kuma Droid Remix) [Free]

39:00 Gloumout - Back On The Block (The Clamps Remix) [ODN Records]

41:20 Jibberdee & CircularCore - Puffed Up (Original Mix) [Atomic Zoo Recordings]

45:45 Kredo - Cyborg (Original Mix) [Bonerizing Records]

49:05 Pendulum - The Island (Skanek Remix) [Free]

52:10 Belzebass - Revolution (Feat. Hypomaniacs) [Freakz Me Out Records]

54:45 Stark Lion - Make It Through (Radio Edit) [Shabang Records]

58:00 Midnight Conspiracy, Cenob1te - The Eye (Original Mix) [Manufactured Music]

1:00:15 Belzebass - Weed Behaviour [Freakz Me Out Records]

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