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i have to drive
i have my reasons, deer
it’s cold outside
i hate the seasons here
i suffer mornings most of all
i feel so powerless and small
by 10 o’clock i’m back in bed
fighting the jury in my head
we learn to drive
it’s only natural, deer
we drive all night
we haven’t slept in years
we suffer mornings most of all
we saw you lying in the road
we tried to dig a decent grave
but it’s still no way to behave
it is a delicate position
spin the bottle
pick the victim
catch a tiger
switch directions
if he hollers
break his ankles
to protect him
we’ll have to drive
they’re getting closer
just get inside
it’s almost over
we will save your brothers we
will save your cousins we will drive them
far away from streets and lights
from all signs of mad mankind
we suffer mornings most of all
wake up all bleary-eyed and sore
forgetting everything we saw
i’ll meet you in an hour
at the car.

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