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Hold On - lyrics

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you fall away from me
and i'm here left with
all your pain
i swear that it wont end like this
i stand behind you still
just steps away so you can reach
your hand out to hold on to me
waking up here where you left me
trying to put this all together
things are said, and words are spoken
lives have changed and bonds are broken
you have decided to walk away
and left me here with all your pain
if i could change i swear i would
but no reasons understood
with every day that passes me
it seems like we will never be again
but tell me now what i should do
when every thought i think is of you
i cant help what bothers me
its just so hard when i beleive that
this could work, i swear it could
just give me a chance and you'll see
if outside forces pulled you away
then why does this hurt just the same
if there's nothing wrong inside with me
then why am i the one thats lonley
if you left now only to return
then why do want me to forget this
if it's us that you forsake
please just say it to my face

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