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Planet Terror - lyrics

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It's not revolution
And it ain't evolution
The sickness of mankind
Imbecile and powerblind
To flick a single switch
To destroy some thousand lives
A quiet assault undercover trick
The thief's of life arise
Living on a planet of hate
Fanatics of terror irate
Brutality used to berate
A planet of animosity
Wars of irrationality
Slaughters of insanity
Innocent people slain for a dream
Full of religious lies
Blinded by seducing promises
Fanatics run to die
The kids in the streets are manipulated
Terrorized and stupified
To uncover the rotten ones
It's so hard to decide
Planet of terror such an insane place
We keep on trying to escape
Polluted with human waste
Planet of terror planet hate
It's not just the answer to oppression
Or protest against machinery
Like a little boy screaming
Bastartds stop murdering
Leave us alone with your ego-dreams
You're not helping anyone
A planet of terror devoured by scorn
In a war that can't be now

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