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Psychofficial - lyrics

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Crazy is all around me
Raging to be free
The chaos that surrounds me
Lust insanity
All is in disorder pandemonium
More than just a killer
With a machine gun
Watch my presentation
Mad domination
So fuckin' sick like a loonatic
Officially insane playing my game
Psychopathetic brain
Feel no pain nothing to gain
What a prick
Total loss of control
I care about none
Nothing and noone can't stop my run
Killing all women
Deceiving all guys
Compared to me Mr.Manson was nice
Psychofficial - stay away go insane
Psychofficial - I freak out let it out
But when the night falls
It's time to transform
A metamorphosis a saint is born
The man who dazzled the crowd by his craze
Glides in his pool with a smile in his face

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