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Search For Perfection - lyrics

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We can't eat no flesh no fowl
Sleeping around is out
Women are against the rules
Fornication frowned upon
We live by the law
Wrapped in the world
Nobody wavers
Nobody strays
Lonely nights and lonely days
Are looked upon as right
But lonely days and lonely nights
Are a symbol of our fight
No cause has lived
So strict in its rules
A life filled with pain
A path to our God
A road to the right
Long does it wind
Along way to go, way to go, evermore
Search for perfection
Our creed self control
Search for perfection
Our life for the cause
Priests talk like Jesus wrote
Everything is right
We talk of John the Lord
We think were right
Our John the brave
Lights up our way
Teach by example
Shake off the scorn
Join us this day
We have the strength
Our road is straight, to the Lord it's the way
Search for perfection
Our creed self control
Search for perfection
For this we'll die
No other way is any good
Life doesn't last
Our belief is heaven sent
Forgive us our past
What we do now is good
Not what we did then
We dedicate ourselves to help
Our welfare comes last
Follow our road
Find a new world
A search for perfection
In the eyes of the Lord
Join us on our way
Help us through this day
Try to break away from the roman captivity
Search for perfection
A perfect mind
Search for perfection
A perfect life

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