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Black Hole - lyrics


Through the fire – through the smoke
Where I am tossed and turned
Lords and kings – slaves and fools
See myself being burned
A quick deep breath of everything
To taste and to forget
My life is here – my death is there
And all I've ever said

Pain and punishment
A journey through hell
Lust and ecstasy
Are ringing the knell

Black Hole
Gives me pleasure and pain
Black Hole
Live is fading away
Black Hole

Solemn halls – I have passed
Only moments in time
Live and die – Rise and fall
Places where the flesh sublimes
Echoes spinning 'round my head
To terrorise my soul
Buried in the dust of time
An all devouring hole

Torn deep inside
This torrents of blood
Black hole
No way to stop
No way to stop

Lyrics was added by paja65

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