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Blood & Iron - lyrics

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Skeletons of steel and glass
Tombstones of a time gone by
Whispered stories - fairy tales
No one knows who and why
100 years in an age of darkness
Many plagues have cleaned the land
Kill them all - saints and sinners
Fertile lands now desert sand
Gangs and tribes lead the lives
None proud nation has survived
Welcome to the quest for fire
Pledge allegiance and be sworn
Hold your ground in a world so torn
Blood and iron - blood and iron
The way to pay for all
To an age of pain we're gonna fall
Fear the places cursed and damned
Stick to new rules and obey
New slaughters and new lambs
The repeating history
Everlasting, deadly silence
'Til the winds disturb the peace
Sounds of tumbling walls and bridges
All our progress... deceased
Forged in fire forged in pain
And you lead a life in vain
Howling winds in the ruins - unreal story time
Mind pictures of the lost - pure as a bell chime
And a spark glimmers on - once a fire of life to become
Will you dare to listen
How much pain can you take
The oath of gods and mortals
A chain no one can break
And the flame is burning on - a fire of life to become

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