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Over the hill close to the forest
Just outside the city lights
Between ruins and a waste dump
No one dares to spend a night
Ancient ground - cursed and rotten
Beyond space and time
She awaits me in an old house
And the price was just a dime
Blackened eyes - candlelight
Captured by an evil might
Curse me - lead me out of this world
Into a new fate - a new reality
Blind me - change the future with a word
Let me live for all eternity
So mistreated, barely wounded
Trapped in deep despair
In search for absolution
Willing oaths to swear
See the end of my lifeline
A road to ruin at it's end
Between evil and divine
No time to repent
Destiny - Is just a word
No chains to bind me - anymore
Take my soul - Play the game
While the world will fear my name
Heal the scars and marks
Time's left on my soul
I am in your hands
Under your control
Cruel and mighty king
In the eyes of all
Dancer on a string
Bound to your call
Spend the years in killing time
But now it's killing me
In sight is the finish line
That's where I've left my way
Lost and trapped and desperate
A shadow not a man
Demons feeding now on me
The torture never ends
(Solo/Twin Solo)
(Chorus x2)

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