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Gods of Thunder - lyrics


One last sip to kill the bottle
Swallow all remaining doubts
Punch the keys - eyes wide open
Now's the time to let it out

Take a breath your heart is pounding
Press return and tear the world
Dawn has come for all the traitors
Standstill is the word

Through the wires - through the liens
Fast as lightning
Stop the time...

Calling gods of thunder
To end the human reign
Calling gods of thunder
In the poisoned rain
Ain't no remedy - destroy the legacy
Calling gods of thunder
For all the world to see

Red alert and sirens howling
Just relax and close your eyes
Memories of the past are moving
An evil smile - you're satisfied

It's the calm the perfect silence
War and storms shall be released
Fear leads to an age of violence
Only a god could appease

Bit on steel
Taste of blood
Pull the trigger
First war's shot

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