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Stranded from the storm of time
Right on boiling ground
Guided by a secret sign
Infecting all around
The warlords of the fire - the heroes of the myth
All ancient has to die
A force of destruction - the holy word made flesh
Free from truth or lie
Born - to remain
Here to stay and to reign
Iron will - forced evolution
iron will - demons of times
Raise your blades to kill!
Fates will meet eye to eye
On the judgement day
Victory will wait for thee...
The weak awaits decay
None can stop the horde - a scream against a sigh
A carnage in the night
Blood and gore remain - conquered motherland
Souls into the light
Rule or obey
Death is the end of all ways
Iron will - forced evolution
Iron will - demons of time
The will to survive - determination
Iron will - demons of time
Raise your blades to kill!

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Force of Destruction

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