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New Dark Age - lyrics

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Frozen landscapes are covering the earth
Desolation is complete
Cities lie in ruins falling to decay
Unrest and terror start to breed
All that we had acheived - is forever gone
Anarchy is reigning supreme - the forces of unlight have won
Times of darkness
Times of war
Mankind screaming out in rage
Times of violence
Times of fear
Welcome to the new dark age
Plagues of insects sworming locust arise
Scorching deserts left behind
Radiation poisoning the earth
Mutated creatures come alive
All hope is lost - there is no return
Evolution out of control - the race for survival is on
Marauding soldiers militious of hate
Terrorising the land
Killing and looting burning and raping
Raising the place to the ground
Showing no mercy for women or children
Leaving no place to hide
The law of the blade nothing is sacred
Mankind it's own genocide

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