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The shiny world of freedom
A deadly golden cage
The book of mankind's history
Is on the final page
Movies killing all our sorrows
Tranquilized the mind
Demons put a spell on us
The world's been turning blind
Dreams for sale - fantasy
Sold memories - blown away by a...
Tornado - made by man
Tornado - the whirlwind of doom
Cutting, ripping souls apart
Damned is all our fate
Tornado - a storm of vast decay
The electric cloud of pictures
Increases and devours
Magnetic storms are lashing on
Fed with human power
Bits and codes to flesh and word
The promise of "forever"
Solemn grave of all our dreams
And of all endeavor
Tagged and blogged - our legacy
Raped and torn - blown away by a...
Sail on seas of promises
Into a brave new world
Dream the dream like all the rest
And search for virgin shores

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