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Falling In Love With A Friend - lyrics

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I also see you through.
You look at me like that?
I'm taking the next step, but I do not have it.
I feel like a fool for a long time.
I do not like people to do that.
Okay, I see it?
Then it will be said to you?
Now, I will say the words I never told you.
I will have more courage. Even if I do not complete it.
Thank you.
As of now I have the pleasure of your smile to me all the time.
We are in this together forever, right?
Yes you can hold my hand. If you think like me.
There are many misunderstandings between you and me.
We have a wound in my heart.
We hurt each other's feelings hidden.
I have to tell you without thinking carefully about it.
In the bottom of my heart.
I will have more courage. Although I would be a little shy.
I cry tears deep in my heart you'll always protect me.
Please right beside me.
I want you.
You are very precious.

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