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R:The noble and most ancient house of Black,
money and power we don´t lack.
Our blood is pure and thatś a sign,
you shouldn´t mess with the family line.
My name is Bella and I´m the olders of the lot,
I don´t waste any time when getting what I want.
Dark arts is my calling, it´s like a game to me,
I´ve earned a precious spot on the Black family tree.
They call me Narcissa and I´m the fairest of them all,
I can´t walk down the hall without getting a cat call.
I´ve got the family charm, I´m graceful and polite,
so just feel free to worship me, youŕe jealous of me right?
I´m Andromeda the most different of the three,
there´s many things within my house with wich I don´t agree.
I should notbe saying this but don´t feel like a Black,
it´s crossed my mind to run away and never look back.
We love our mom and dad and we want to make them proud
We Blacks are special people and we stand out of the crowd
I love my sisters to even when we dissagree
Our only sinilarity is a spot on the family tree
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