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Shining wonders, fields of splendor
How they sing Your symphony
The deepest oceans, rising mountains
How they sing Your symphony
[Chorus 1:]
Let the earth fear the Lord
And all the people of the world
Stand in awe, stand in awe
My heart's ovation, Yours forever
I will sing, sing Your praise
Let every nation under heaven
Shout Your name, sing Your praise
[Chorus 2:]
In symphony with all created things
Sing the song that we were made to sing
We stand in awe, we stand in awe
All the angels, all the heavens
Every people, every nation
Crying out to You
In the skies and in the oceans
Everything that's living, breathing
A symphony to You
There will be no greater song
In the heights above or the earth below
Jesus, all for You

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