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Sign from the Skies - lyrics

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Last night i had a dream
A strange nightmare (unreal dream)
A storm comes from the skies
The horror of our sins (of our sins)
Whole nature has revealed
A savage avenger flame
Conflicts in the sky!
The seven signs i've seen
The sign of the man's son (the man's son)
Salvation may be real
For those who believe in the light
Sign from the skies
We need a new way
Sign from the skies
We're flying away
Sign from the skies
Heal the pain
Sign from the skies
Look into to the eyes
Sign from the skies
Return of the light
Sign from the skies
Heal the pain
I've tried to wake up and
Escape from the terror train
The dream goes on and on
Whipping the souls of the lost
The sign of the Man's Son

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