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[Verse 1]
If you call it lonely to be so alone
Nobody calling and nobody home, Then I'm lonely
That's just what I am

[Verse 2]
If you call it ugly to squint at the world
Lie in on Monday and dress like a girl, Then I'm ugly
That's just what I am

What can I do to make you feel it like I do
And be happy living under the moon?
How do I say in your way, why do it safely?
Cause maybe this is our last living day

[Verse 3]
If you call it stupid to cover my ear
When everyone's screaming but nobody's near, Then I'm stupid
That's just what I am

[Verse 4]
If you call it crazy to sit up and let
My love be dialled in through your TV set, Then I'm crazy
That's just what I am


[Verse 5]
If you think it's creepy to lay on the ground
Lay there and lay there and wait to be found, Then I'm creepy
That's just what I am

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