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Brave Heart (English version) From Digimon - lyrics

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In a moment,
Anyone can give up and turn to run away.
In a moment,
You have not shown that kind of fear.
So keep on walking the way.
You know it's true.
There's something you and only you can do,
That others dare not try,
So that the light of this blue Earth will not die.
Go and seize the dreams you love most of all!
Go protect the friends you love everyday!
Believe you have the drive to be strong and be true!
There's a new power that awaits your call.
Your heart is where you will find the way.
When you light the fires,
All your desires,
Will come to light and come true
Show me your brave heart!
In a lifetime,
Not every day shows the sun casting its light.
In a lifetime,
When the chilling rain starts to fall,
Hold your umbrella tight.
You have much to give.
No map or man can tell you how to live.
That's why we all are free.
You can be anywhere you want to be.
Go and run faster where the wind is bound!
Go and aim for what lies beyond the skies!
Believe you have the drive to meet a brand new you!
There's a new courage waiting to be found.
Your heart is where it now deeply lies.
The road has its measure,
You'll find your treasure,
And downpours will stop for you
Show me your brave heart!
Go and seize the future that's shining bright!
Go protect the ones you hold dear to you!
Believe you have the drive to be strong and be true!
Go and break the weakness with all your might!
Go destroy the walls that are blocking you!
The beat of your heart is ultimate power for you!
Believe in your heart!

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