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Limit Break X Survivor (English) (From Dragon.. - lyrics

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I'm excited can't we just go?!
Don't be scared just go with the flow!
Grab onto it and never let go!
I just wanna fight all the time!
But my power is running dry!
I can't get my satisfaction
(woohoo) And the boredom!
(woohoo) hits me like a stone!
No matter what, it just always bogs me down! (let's fly high)
(woohoo) So let's just move on
(woohoo) and spread out our wings
and take off for the next level!
And even though the door is locked, there's no way that I will knock!
I will just break, open the wall, I'm nothin' like I was before
That's right I've broken the limit, there really ain't that much to it
I can't be stopped, just wait and see!
There are no limits binding me!
I have survived the limit break
and even the gods are simply blown away!

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