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Ghost - lyrics

I could have been an actor
I could have been anything
Just to hear the heart of the lonely sing
And your hospitable world
Since you live in your dreams
You're like a China doll and a rocking house
It's getting harder to scream
But as I stand on this empty stage
With this lifeless idol of mine
This is where my story will be told
And let the story unfold
Dream maker, you're looking through the window
Lifesaver, you're looking through the window
Your eyes, your eyes are full of stars
See the light burn out and fade away
Your eyes, your eyes are full of stars
See the light burn out and fade away
She broke the promise, she broke their spell
She opened up the door to Hell
The stage now set, the scenes in place
Never again could she look in his face
Outcast to a prison cell
Of what she made in this world alone
The magic of the bubble burst
A burnt out shell she could no longer call her home
And the nights got colder as she got older
Eyes glazing over and blurring out
As tears rolled down her cheek
And offering so weak too quell the fire in hell
Racing through the night on a roller coaster ride
Taking the fast lane on a Harley
You're waiting for the dating for the the ceremonies to begin
Hanging up too tight on a white knuckle ride
With anger in my guts at all the harlots and the sluts
Broken hearted a broken man, I never saw the end
And went crushing round the blend
Dancing over this lifeless shell
Don't know if I'm going to Heaven or Hell
But time will heal the pain I feel when I come looking for you
And in old age when your final breath came
I waited for you and prayed for you
Your crime and passion now forgiven
Then I saw your eyes in the stars Pendragon

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